Branded Pages

Connect with the consumers who are 10x
more likely to convert into customers.

Customer inquiries direct to your brand.

Branded pages are landing pages that match your design and collect lead information in a way that
maximizes intent. Built to match your brand standards and product offerings, Branded Pages directly collect lead information on traffic that’s driven traffic through whichever channels you choose.

Promote the page via multiple channels
Prospects land on a custom branded page
All leads post through PX to your account

Why use Branded Pages?

High Intent Consumers

Consumers who inquire directly through branded content are 10x more likely to convert. This allows you to collect and act on these high value leads easily, across multiple channels.

Seamless Integration to PX

The leads post directly through the PX platform, alongside your other sources, to your CRM or lead management system. Filters, payouts and performance are easily tracked and measured.

Improved Conversions

Branded Pages are highly customized and built to improve conversion. In addition, AB-testing, mobile-first flows, and more options help to create better results.

Expanded Reach

Branded Pages can be promoted through many different channels and alternative websites, including promotion sites, partner publisher sites, comparison pages, and more.

Branded Pages Features and Benefits

Custom built and optimized pages
Optimized for all viewports
Dynamic payouts available
All leads post directly to PX
View and manage performance by publisher and sub-id’s

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