We are a passionate, technology-driven team with a mission to make the Lead Gen process simple and transparent.


Our Mission

PX is part of ReviMedia group, an online lead generation powerhouse offering sophisticated lead gen. Established in 2010 by co-founders Frans van Hulle and Sebastiaan Offers, the team set out to develop a comprehensive platform solution for marketers to build, generate, track, purchase, and access high quality, transparent marketing leads through a set of online software tools.


Our Team

The heart of the company. We breath technology and our development team is top notch. At this point we have 22 developers working full time on building out and supporting PX and we are always looking for more rock stars.

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Our in-house developed platform, PX has the most advanced lead generation technology, which enables clients to increase conversions and manage their business with increased insight and transparency.


The platform generates the 20,000,000th lead.

Nov 2015

Re-branding of LXP to PX and launching our SaaS platform.

Nov 2015

Premium domain was acquired by ReviMedia for rebranding LXP.

Aug 2015

Financial verticals are supported in LXP.

Jun 2015

The platform generates the 10,000,000th lead.

Jan 2015

We launch our lead generation automation platform LXP at Leads- Con Las Vegas to all publishers and lead buyers.

Mar 2014

Increased functionality is added, such as source management, lead return management and much more.

Nov 2013

Patent Pending Lead Scoring for better traffic insight is launched.

Sep 2013

Home service verticals are supported in LXP.

Jun 2013

LXP's design gets a major overhaul.

Mar 2013

An updated internal version of LXP is launched to bring more programmatic RTB software to the lead generation process.

Jun 2012

All major insurance verticals are supported by LXP.

Apr 2012

The Beta version of our lead generation automation platform LXP is launched for internal use.

Jul 2011

ReviMedia is founded by Frans van Hulle (CEO) and Sebastiaan Offers (COO) with the idea to automate lead generation.

Mar 2010

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