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Advanced Lead Distribution Technology to Maximize Your Revenue Per Lead

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Weighted Lead Distribution Logic

Automatically manage the distribution of your leads based on buyer caps. You will fill caps in groups of buyers on a more even basis using this powerful feature.

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API Builder

Our user friendly API Builder lets you easily configure data in a format acceptable to your buyers. No more paying exorbitant fees creating API connections to buyers.

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Real Time Lead Distribution

Distribute your leads in real time using PX's powerful lead filtering and routing capabilities. Pass back responses from your lead buyer's system to the lead form to dynamically control the user experience.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

"PX is the third lead selling platform that I’ve used. They have by far provided the best (and most responsive) support, and the best UI for analyzing which types of leads result in the highest ROI.

My two favorite features are their lead return uploader and granular Buyer Campaign Reports."

Michael Thiel, President at M3dia Buy, LLC