Problems We Solve

Over the last 5 years, our experienced "lead genners" have been working hard to develop PX, a fully automated lead-generation solution. Having struggled with frequent and prevalent issues surrounding performance marketing, such as lack of transparency, lack of quality, and increasing operational costs, we built PX to help us solve the challenges we faced in our day-to-day operations. Let PX help you solve your challenges, too.

What challenges can PX help you solve?

Automation of Lead Generation Activities

Challenge: I'm having a tough time automating the generation and selling of leads
PX Solution: Our platform automates a full spectrum of lead gen tools with quick integration of lead buyers.

Lead Targeting

Challenge: I wish I could target specific demographics and behaviors.
PX Solution: Only buy leads matching your criteria by setting personalized filters and score behaviors. You can filter by gender, age, marital status, education, and more.

Transparency and lead quality

Challenge: I struggle with the lack of transparency when trying to understand where my leads are coming from.
PX Solution: With our patent pending Lead Scoring & Lead Verification technology, you have complete control over the leads you buy.

Campaign Process

Challenge: I want quick results!
PX Solution: Set up your offers and campaigns in minutes and enjoy access to real time reporting and tracking.

Lead Values

Challenge: I need a solution that tracks, predicts, and visualizes purchase behavior.
PX Solution: With HasOffers by TUNE tracking fully integrated with PX’s Predictive lead scoring, you can gain true insight into your ROI.

Multiple Verticals

Challenge: I want to find leads across diverse verticals
PX Solution: Manage campaigns and build online forms across verticals, all from one user interface.

Further Monetization

Challenge: I would love to further monetize my existing network.
PX Solution: Our new user interface includes advanced tracking features, making highly customizable private exchanges a breeze.

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"For us, PX's Rerun Management means having the opportunity to monetize leads multiple times and leverage an additional revenue stream that enhances both efficiency and profitability,"

Pam Stadler, Brightfire Director of Operations

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"PX is the third lead selling platform that I’ve used. They have by far provided the best (and most responsive) support, and the best UI for analyzing which types of leads result in the highest ROI.

My two favorite features are their lead return uploader and granular Buyer Campaign Reports."

Michael Thiel, President at M3dia Buy, LLC

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"Real time reporting gives us insight in the scoring of the leads, granular breakdowns in disposition reasons of returns and access to real-time statistics including source ID breakdowns.

In addition we are in charge to manage sources and caps. The customer service is amazing and the consultant approach really helped us optimize our campaigns."

Blaine Kauk, COO Inside Response

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