What is Lead Quantification?

It’s the only way to truly understand the value of your leads. By integrating with your systems and analyzing data across the entire life of a lead, you’ll get the right lead for the right price. Every time. 


Know Where to Target Your Spend

Give PX your target CPA and find out exactly what you should bid for every lead. Now that you can finally quantify your leads, you stop guessing and start growing. Zero in on the leads you need and get them at the perfect price to maximize your budget.

Not all leads are Created Equal

Now marketers know exactly what to bid to maximize returns with an up-to-date, detailed view of how each and every source is performing. Get the right leads for the right price – every single time – with innovative and accurate lead quantification. Do more than qualify leads. Quantify them. PX: Not all leads are created equal.

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Go Beyond Qualification.

Meet the New Era of Lead Quantification.

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