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Tired of the whack-a-mole strategy in customer acquisition?

Hundreds of top home services companies have trusted PX since 2010 to grow their business profitably. PX marketplace makes it easy for companies to increase the volume and quality of leads in their pipeline with the sources that work best for them.

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The last thing you want to do is spend time on a call with a completely unqualified lead. 

That is why our in-house team vets new partners, validates them for compliance, integrates them into the marketplace, and monitors their lead flow—all to set you up for success. We are an extension of your team!


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Synergize your Home Services Prospect Sourcing and Management

  • Centralize your lead buying efforts on a single platform. That means one integration, one contract, one invoice, one POC, one disposition file, and one budget.
  • Easily compare performance across sources/ traffic types based on metrics defined by you
  • Optimize your company’s bidding strategy with lead quantification
  • 24×7 support from our dedicated support team with unlimited tickets


We support inbound (C2C), transfers and appointments, exclusive and shared leads, branded campaigns, and first party data for home services on the PX marketplace.

In the PX marketplace, you can bid higher on the sources that work best for you, allowing you to win more if these leads. There are many ways to ensure you reach your ROI goal by bidding on sources based on quality tiers, performance, and other attributes, reaching, and scaling your campaign goals takes very little time.

You can customize your campaigns to filter for many fields related to the specific product. For example, for solar you can filter for electricity bill amount, owned/ rented, roof shade, roof type, solar system type, installation timeframe, current utility provider, zip code, state, and other solar specific attributes. For windows this includes attributes like amount of windows, installation timeframe, new or replacement, and more.

PX sources have a nation-wide coverage.

To get an estimate of the volume and cost for a certain product and geography, please use our tool to get an estimate.

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