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Maximize the true value of your leads and manage all your buyers in one central platform.

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Real-Time Access
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The PX marketplace connects lead buyers and sellers in real time. We work on a ping post model and buyers bid on your leads according to their criteria. If you accept the bid, you’ll post all the lead info back to our platform via our API.

Publishers Love PX. Here’s Why.


One Integration

Connect with hundreds of new buyers and
manage them all in one platform with our API.


Expert Compliance

Our team of experts has your back, ensuring compliance with TCPA, CCPA, WCAG-1,


Quality Control

Our technology helps improve the quality of
your leads, meaning you can sell even more.


Sell Your
Leads at Scale

Our $399/month subscription gives you access to all our buyers and a dedicated Account Manager to help you maximize the true value of your leads with optimized campaigns actionable insights so you can attract the right buyers every time.

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Publishers love PX for its nationwide coverage, competitive earnings per click, and the variety of industries that are active on the platform. Get in touch below to learn more about how you can find greater success with PX.


Maximize the

Value of Your Leads

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