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Scale your business using PX’s pre-vetted Health & Primary Care Services leads sources. Hundreds of companies have trusted us since 2010 as the leading Marketing Intelligence Platform to gain their best customers and to streamline customer acquisition in one place.

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The Healthcare market is one of the most dynamic regulatory landscapes making keeping up a time-consuming process. Our in-house compliance team takes on the leg work to stay on top of all regulatory changes.


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Leading Healthcare Providers Trust PX To

  • Centralize your lead buying efforts on a single platform. That means 1 integration, 1 contract, 1 invoice, 1 disposition file, and 1 budget
  • Easily compare performance across sources/ traffic types based on metrics defined by you
  • Optimize your company’s bidding strategy with lead quantification
  • 24×7 support from our dedicated support team with unlimited tickets

We combine Healthcare expertise and marketing intelligence to help you make smarter decisions on where you are spending your marketing dollars and improve ROI

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We support Calls- inbound (C2C), call verified leads, transfers and appointments, exclusive & shared leads, branded campaigns, and aged leads on the PX marketplace

On the PX Marketplace, you can bid higher on sources that work best for you. There are many ways to ensure you reach your ROI goals by bidding on sources based on quality tiers, performance, and other attributes.

You can buy Health Insurance, ObamaCare, Medicare Supplement & Medicare Advantage, Added value clinics, Elderly Care and Medical Alerts leads.

We identify if your current consumer is shopping around for Health plans on our publishers’ hosted web pages and route them to your retention team.

PX provides transparency into the lead buying process by showing you where the leads come from, and where are opportunities to maximize your media spend. Aggregators usually bundle a high volume of leads from different sources.

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