Calls That Convert

Inbound calls and warm transfers

With the PX platform, you have access to high-intent buyers who come to you.

With more than 200 compliant call sources on our platform, you can easily connect with thousands of pre-vetted, high-intent consumers across multiple verticals. Dynamic pricing, actionable insights, and the control you get with the platform means that the money you spend on Calls goes further with PX.


Grow Faster with Warm Transfers from PX  

Your agents don’t want to spend their valuable time wondering if the person they’re calling is even interested. With warm transfers from PX, publishers validate the intent of the consumer so you don’t have to, which means your agents can spend more time speaking with pre-vetted, high-intent consumers who are ready to buy. 

Control your Costs  

Our dynamic pricing model means you only pay for the calls that matter. With time-tracked calls you won’t be charged for those that last fewer than 90 seconds. You can even price calls by source or other custom attributes to ensure you’re getting the right calls for the right price, every time. (We can even weed out the super shoppers).  

Unlock Efficiencies and Scale  

Identifying, integrating, and managing all your sources wastes precious time and money. PX’s platform takes care of all of that so you don’t have to. With just one integration, you’ll have access to 200+ call sources and thousands of calls just a click away. PX also ensures the compliance of sources and publishers on our platform, so that’s one less thing you have to worry about.  

Industries We Help

Learning Your Way Into The Future

Case Study

Clearlink and PX

Clearlink Zeroed in on their best lead sources to reach open enrollment goals. They were able to generate CPAs of 44% below their original target levels.

News & Insights

Ping Post: A Crash Course

Ping post technology is already one of the most powerful ways of buying leads today. It is used prominently in a growing number of verticals. If you’re new to ping post, you’re probably asking yourself what all the fuss is about?

Case Study

Spring Venture Group

Open Enrollment is the main event for insurance marketers every year. It’s a period where results are vital to overall success, and it’s an example that clearly shows the power of sales disposition data and…

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