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We support any industry for private marketplaces, digital & media services, and branded campaigns. View our source integration specifications for pre-defined verticals at api.px.com/v2


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Back to Basics: Compliance 101

In this interview with Ashley Quinn, our Senior Compliance and Quality Manager at PX, she talks about the ins and outs of Compliance 101.

News & Insights

Ping Post: A Crash Course

Ping post technology is already one of the most powerful ways of buying leads today. It is used prominently in a growing number of verticals. If you’re new to ping post, you’re probably asking yourself what all the fuss is about?

News & Insights

Why You Should Love Dynamic Lead Pricing

Dynamic pricing has been adopted by just about all other sectors of digital marketing. It reduces friction between buyers and sellers, and it delivers to both parties better performance and more scale.

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