Bridging Giants: How PX strategically brought ADT and Dolead together for an exclusive partnership spanning 5+ years

Dolead’s partnership with ADT and PX has thrived because all parties understand that a robust data pipeline is fundamental to improving a lead generation campaign. The data that PX provides to Dolead allows us to continuously improve outcomes for ADT, maximize sales efficiency, and grow lead volume.


PX orchestrated a direct, exclusive partnership between ADT and Dolead in 2019 that would significantly elevate ADT’s brand presence, as part of ADT’s strategic shift to end-to-end branded experiences in customer acquisition and moving away from third-party leads.

Dolead started with generating prospects for ADT’s home security portfolio. Dolead continuously optimizes the lead generation funnel using in-house tech and proprietary lead scoring algorithms. They promote ADT’s brand with Facebook ads, build branded landing pages and creatives, and generate prospects for ADT. To build on its success and strong performance, ADT decided to extend its relationship to Medical Alerts campaigns as well.

ADT’s goal was to find a partner who could help them with a consistent supply of high-quality and high-intent prospects to their sales funnel, be data-driven, and experiment with new ads and formats, and ultimately, a partner they could trust. Dolead became that partner for ADT for driving prospects- forms and inbound calls- into their sales funnel.

Campaign Highlights


prospects per month for ADT through leads & call campaigns


Sales Rates consistently for ADT’s core homeowner customer segment


customers so far for ADT in the last 5 years


Brand Impressions for ADT

The role of PX

As a neutral platform in the center, PX’s interest is to ensure a win-win for both parties through identifying and maximizing growth opportunities, providing transparency, and supporting both parties where needed.

  1. PX manages costs and expectations with ADT, ensures Dolead’s campaigns stay within ADT’s defined cost-per-acquisition targets, and offers the expertise to move the campaigns toward ADT’s desired goals.
  2. We send disposition data on how the prospects perform in ADT’s sales funnel daily. This helps Dolead become more agile and identify which channels/ traffic types/ sub-sources outperform and which are underperforming. PX uses the disposition data in a dynamic pricing model, enabling ADT to set pricing rules based on traffic types, attributes, and sub-sources. This is where “transparency” comes to life, and the sharing of knowledge to eliminate the tension between buyers and sellers.
  3. PX’s in-house compliance and quality team takes on the legwork to ensure all creatives, landing pages, and other assets comply with brand and legal guidelines. This minimizes risk and frees up time and resources for ADT & Dolead to focus on other different aspects of the business.
ADT and Dolead partnership

How is it set up

blank Dolead runs branded ads and landing pages on behalf of ADT and routes the prospects through PX
blank PX centralizes all of ADT’s prospects from multiple supply partners and routes these prospects to ADT’s CRM. PX sends disposition data every day to Dolead so they can optimize campaigns regularly.
blank ADT defines the cost per sale and other goals expected from the campaigns. ADT’s reps call the prospects, and send PX disposition data back on how the campaigns have been performing.

What’s Next for ADT and Dolead

With a foundation of data-driven decision-making, a commitment to compliance, and a continuous pursuit of excellence, ADT and Dolead have their eyes set on a future where they continue achieving remarkable results, and want to explore cross-channel customer acquisition to complement their current efforts. Dolead wants to add more channels in the mix and generate way more customers for ADT than what they are doing right now.

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