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We develop your high-performing custom digital marketing strategies based on your prospect journey data and outcome measurements provided by your sales or admissions teams (not form fills). We learned long ago that getting a prospect to fill out a form is not enough. Our digital marketing campaigns are built and managed with the sole purpose of targeting high-intent prospects that are the most likely to convert.

What better way to understand true prospect intent than to analyze the entire customer journey from the first click to class start (and sometimes beyond). We acquire this level of prospect profile detail using sophisticated attribution models installed across multiple marketing channels visited by your prospects.

Tying journey data directly into your ever-so-important sales or admissions data powers up our marketing data by leveraging the outcome data housed by your CRM, school’s SIS, or any other lead management systems. Sounds simple, right? But the devil is in the details, and being able to tie everything together is what sets PX apart from most other digital advertising firms.

Website Content Marketing

Your website is the most valuable tool of your marketing strategy as it provides a foundation to nurture and educate prospects about your brand, services, and products–requiring a solid understanding of your target audience and the application of an effective SEO-friendly content marketing strategy. Consumers have become savvier and now conduct much more research than ever before. Having the right mix of top-performing content types across the consumer journey and at different intent levels can exponentially increase your website traffic and engagement metrics. Ultimately, this can result in better brand recognition, authority building, and new opportunities for your business or school.

Organic Search (SEO)

When prospects look for brands and services, they’ll tend to consider those brands that rank higher. Standing out from the competition in the market means that you’ll be harnessing new opportunities organically and driving consistent lead generation by seducing them further down your sales funnel. Investing in a solid SEO strategy can pay dividends in terms of ROI.  Additionally, a well-ranked website is the foundation for all other marketing efforts.

Traditional Paid Search (SEM)

One of the advantages of using paid search as part of your digital marketing strategy is that your ads are shown above organic search results, making them more visible to users, especially on mobile devices where 50% and growing of searches take place. Even with a pay-per-click model, a well-managed PPC campaign generates a lot of brand awareness, traffic, and leads. Strategically positioned above organic results, your brand can also capture an engaged prospect before your competition’s search results are seen.

Social Media Marketing

We use social media advertising in our digital marketing campaigns not just because of the 3.81+ billion people that use it but because of its effectiveness in targeting specific demographics. We find our client’s brand travels and converts well on social because people use the platforms to establish personal connections. Because of this exceptional personal relationship data, we see social media as an evolving media outlet that does extremely well to supplement our client’s campaigns, especially with the new popularity of social video marketing.

Video Marketing

Video content has become an essential marketing tool for brands. Video is an adaptable, provocative advertising medium. Video is a consistently proven driver of increased click-through rates and better overall conversions. Well-produced marketing videos are also likely to persist in the memory of prospects helping them to trust your brand and increase the likelihood of conversion the next time your brand is presented. The strategic use of video can undoubtedly meet and exceed your marketing goals.

Display, Discovery & Performance Max (PMax) Ads

Display ads and new placements like Google’s Discovery and Performance Max ads allow your brand to use a variety of marketing collateral, including images, and video, to distribute your marketing message more visually. These ad placements are shown on networks’ approved websites (Google, Bing, etc.), email platforms, mobile apps, YouTube, and many other digital marketing channels that offer strategic ad placements.

We utilize Display, Discovery, and PMax ads for our client’s campaigns because of the cost-benefit and the effective ad performance. Compared to search ads, all three ad types generally have lower cost-per-click due to the amount of advertising space available across the web (when compared to that of a search engine result page).

One of the most significant differences is that you can’t target keywords and GEOs in some cases as effectively. The success we have is based on how well our experienced paid search managers can match your ad to your target audience through custom audience and interest-based targeting. The biggest benefit we find is the ability to reach prospects more effectively and at lower CPLs. We have also seen these ad types outperform paid social media.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has become so widespread that it reached 4.26 billion users in 2022, and the figures are expected to grow to 4.6 billion users in 2025. With an effectively managed campaign, email marketing can facilitate growth and retention.

Email marketing is not only one of the more affordable marketing methods used by brands, but it is also one of the most effective when it comes to seeing a return on investment (ROI). Over the last 12 months, brands have seen a 77% increase in email engagement. The most effective email strategies include one or more of the following: subscriber segmentation, automation, and message personalization.

Marketing Automation

Implementing a smart marketing automation campaign for your brand can be a difference-maker when competing in the current market. Nurturing leads, increasing sales/admissions, and generating continued brand patronage is valuable and can put you ahead of the competition. PX customizes marketing automated workflows to help keep your prospects engaged and moving down the funnel closer to conversion.

Regardless of Channel, Attribution Wins the Day

Connecting all the technical dots from the beginning of the customer journey to the sale/enrollment takes good coordination between several systems. PX’s marketing experts and development team take on the burden of complex systems integration linking all the technologies that collect lead and attribution data and organizing it to show a clear path of your customers’ journey along with all the data that comes with it.

Having all the journey data tied to the outcome data gives us a huge advantage in finding the perfect target audience and letting us know which prospects to avoid. The result is a more efficient use of your digital marketing spend and an increased chance of meeting and exceeding your CPA goals.

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