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We have Jornaya, TCPA, CAN-SPAM, phone number validation and profanity filter checks in place. All publishers are regulated on a weekly basis to continue posting compliant leads in our data pool.



Our technology suppresses your past purchases in real-time to prevent your campaign from buying duplicate leads for more efficient use of your resources. Have your own suppression list? Not a problem!


Campaign Filters

You can buy targeted leads from your ideal consumer segment using filters to narrow down key parameters like geography, age of the lead, and vertical specific filters (e.g., the electricity bill amount for solar, credit rating for mortgage/insurance).

Our Testimonials

“PX’s Aged Leads helped me fulfill my volume demand across multiple verticals and allowed me to hit my CPA targets. Aged Leads helped me fill larger orders and continues to supply my clients with quality data.”
— Data Buyer,
Insurance Industry

Industries Our Sources Are In


No, the Aged Lead Publishers will not offer any leads to your  real-time campaigns. Their leads will be passed straight to our aged lead pool, from where they become available in offline files or through API campaigns.

We use the same Jornaya and other quality and compliance checks for Data Publishers that we apply to real-time Calls and Leads publishers.

You are not charged extra for any filters you choose- geography, states, age, or any vertical-specific filters. Ideally, you may not want to keep your filter set too restrictive, or else not enough leads will be available for your call centers, or you won’t be able to take advantage of our volume discounts.

You can send us suppression files so our system can run de-duplication filters on the leads being sent to your campaign. Alternatively, we have powerful internal de-duplication checks that check your purchase history and identify duplicate leads.

On average, the configuration with your CRM takes 2-3 business days.

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