End to End Third-Party Managed Lead Generation

Whether you refer to it as lead generation management, third-party inquiry or pay per lead, we’ll manage everything for you, and our results are outstanding.

We’ll Manage Everything for You

Mobilize hundreds of marketing experts across a multitude of marketing disciplines with a singular focus on exposing your brand. Third-Party Managed Lead Generation, sometimes known as Third Party Inquiry (TPI) or Pay Per Lead (PPL), is the perfect solution for supplementing your existing marketing efforts. Unlike other marketing channels, third-party inquiries can help you generate quality leads at scale and a lower cost per lead than other marketing channels. The ability to augment your lead flow with this type of power and control is extremely important when other marketing channels experience maxed-out search volumes, slowdowns, or seasonality dips. We help our clients maintain compliant lead flow consistency by utilizing a tightly managed partner network of education-based marketing experts to help you meet your enrollment goals.

Our longstanding relationships with partners and open exchange are built on our commitment to performance, quality and compliance. The outcome is a managed partnership that facilitates the pairing of high-intent prospects through many diversified marketing campaigns.

Our Market-Oriented Approach to Managed Lead Generation

Our market-oriented approach to third-party inquiries and publisher management is designed to effectively guide your brand toward achieving its long-term marketing objectives while adhering to strict compliance. Our mission is to enhance the relationships between you and high-quality third-party publishers by promoting a high degree of transparency and evolving the performance-based inquiry-buying model.

PPL White-Glove Account Management - Experienced, Insightful, with Great Attention to Detail

Our account management team’s experience in developing best practices dates to the beginning of the managed lead generation industry. We have continued to use deep-rooted industry knowledge to improve our relationships with our clients and third-party publishers, leading to a higher level of account management.

Heightened levels of attention characterize the PX white-glove account management style to detail, convenience, speed, and quality. This high standard of client service offers solutions, products, and services customized to each customer’s specific and unique needs. It is central to a customer-first mindset and made possible by the availability of data and advanced analytics to track a customer’s journey in real-time.

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